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    Specialising in making your business finance needs EASY!

  • About Us

    EBF is Australia’s leading facilitator in the Non-Bank Finance, specialising in Cash Flow, Asset and Property Finance.
    EBF achieves this by individually structuring transactions and determining both the right loan attributes and the right lender to the loan.
    EBF is driven by creating growth opportunities for businesses where the major banks can’t.   

    Direct Access to Private Funds

    Because you are dealing directly with the lender, all decisions are made in house so you receive an answer FAST, without the delays of a separate credit team and waiting for your loan to be processed up the line.

    Access to alternative lenders

    We have built up a great network of alternative lenders to be able to offer you the perfect product to suit you. This means we not only work with our products, but also the partner lenders’ products to create the right solution for you.

  • Cash Flow Finance

    Need cash flow fast. We have the solutions

    Unsecured Cash Flow Loans from $5,000 to $250,000

    Secured loans also available. Loans amounts from $50,000 to $5,000,000


    Does your Business have a need for cash flow right now? We offer a fast, flexible and simple solution for any business requirement

    You may need funds for the below:

    • Funds to start new contacts or jobs  
    • Operation Expenses
    • Marketing & Advertising
    • Renovations
    • General working capital
    • ATO tax arrears ( lending parameters )
    • Opening new sites
    • Purchasing Inventory/Equipment



    • Trading for a minimum of 6 months
    • $10,000 per month in revenue

    If you meet all of the above requirements, contact us now and apply for up to $250,000 in unsecured funds today!


    We have made it easy to apply with:

    • No Application fees
    • Unsecured Loan
    • Approval within 24hours
    • Payments based on cash flow
    • Funding available within 1 business day

    Call Now on 1800 327 924

    Our business loans are between 3-12 months, with the average loan being 6-9 months. Loans range from $5,000 to $250,000 with easy daily/weekly repayments. 10 minute application process.

  • Equipment Funding Products

  • Express Acquisitions & Cash Out on Plant & Equipment

    EBF work on creating tailor made finance products to suit every client needs.

    Equipment we fund,

    If the asset is capable of generating income, We can finance it.

    Product Details

    • Any age ABN
    • Any Age Asset
    • From 3 months contracts available
    • Cash out facility available
    • Lower rate product that is secured by mortgage.
    • Cash out facility. 
    • Use property to purchase equipment

    Loan Amounts

    From $10k - $1m +
    (higher loans considered)


    Total costs are generally 1-5% of value of loan per month.


    Call Now on 1800 327 924 or email us at



  • Privately Funded Products

    Decisions are made in house. You are dealing direct with the lender....

  • Construction Funding

    Product Matrix

    Facility Guidline

    Minimum Loan amount:  
    $2,000,000 .00
    Maximum Loan amount:    
    $200,000,000 .00
    Larger loans considered
    Loan term:  
    6-24 Months
    Indicative Rates:  
    From 8% to 12.5% pa
    Pre Sales:
    66% of Loan Amount
    Incorporated entity
    Interest Repayments:
    Capitalised Interest on draw Downs

    3 weeks
    Up to 90% of total development costs
    Valuation Fee:  
    Quoted per application
    Indicative Approval Time :  
    With in 24 hours of receiving completed application form
    Acceptable Locations:
    • Sydney Metro
    • Melbourne Metro
    • Queensland
    Other locations may be considered

    Product Features

    • Draw down: every 1 - 4 months
    • Pre-Sales: nil – 66% of Loan Amount
    • Capitalised interest on Draw Downs

    • Specialised Security
    • Assets which are outside general
    lenders criteria
    • High loan volume





    What Makes Us Different

    • A Partner is on hand to make an immediate approval. No lengthly waiting times for credit meetings.

    • We lend against valuations not purchase price...

    • We develop successful solutions where our competitors only see obstacles.

    • No Application Refused


    Call Now on 1800 327 924 or email us at


  • Non Bank Immediate Private Funding

    100% independent and fully self-funded.


    We specialise in arranging immediate finance for businesses, whether it’s to access urgent funds for an unexpected expense or to take advantage of new investment opportunities. Backed by years of experience in the financial and lending sectors, our professional consultants can tailor the right finance solution to suit your specific needs.

    We Specialise In

    • ATO  Debts            
    • Commercial Notices to Complete   
    • Wind up notices / Liquidation
    • Pre Insolvency
    • General Business Cash Flow
    • Bridging Finance
    • For any business purpose your business might need


    • Minimum Loan amount:    
    • Maximum Loan amount:    $10,000,000 
      Larger loans considered
    • Loan term:    
      Minimum 1 month term    
    • Borrower:    
      Incorporated entity
    • Turnaround:    
      Same day
      If security is available for registration
    • On going Fees:    
    • LVR:    
      Up to 70%
    • Loan Break Fee:    
    • Valuation Fee:    
      Quoted per application
    • Use of funds:    
      Business & Commercial use
    • Indicative Approval Time :    
      With in one hour of receiving completed application form
    • Interest Rates:    
      From 1%pcm
    • Acceptable Locations:    
      Any postcode
      LVR may vary

    Security Options

    • Property: Rural , Residential & Commercial    
    • Plant & Equipment     
    • Invoices 
    • Rent Roll    
    • Specialised Security 
    • Assets which are outside general lenders criteria     
    • Variety of cross collateralised security  
    • options to achieve required LVR%    

    Call Now on 1800 327 924 or email us at



  • Invoice Finance Products

    Non Disclosed Invoice Finance Available.

  • Invoice Finance

    Secured and Non disclosed Facilities

    By having no locked in contracts and multiple security options we

    are able to help clients move forward without any interruptions.

    Below is a simple outline of the Easybiz Finance (EBF) product matrix. By offering multiple security

    options we can consider adverse levels of funding and a diversity of structures.

    Product Details

    • Non disclosed Confidential Arrangements
    • Progress Debtors
    • Low concentration Debtors
    • Minimum 1 Month Contracts Available
    • Trade & Domestic Finance
    • Cross Collateralisation 100% Loans
    • Multiple Securities Accepted Australia wide
    • Can Settle in 48hrs!

    Loan Amounts & Term

    From $50k - $50m +
    (higher loans considered)


    From 1 month


    Total costs are generally 1-4% of value of invoices


    Call Now on 1800 327 924 or email us at


  • Settled Deals and Scenarios

    All the scenarios below have been funded through our privately funded products.


    $1 million cash out facility
    One of our clients recently needed $1 million to commence construction on two separate commercial sites.

    After carrying out due diligence, including careful consideration of the current site valuations, we arranged the full $1 million as a cash out facility secured by first mortgages over the two commercial sites. The loan was settled in just a few days, which meant the client could start construction early instead of waiting for the funding to become available.

    Exit: Construction funding.  


    $250,000.00 ATO Debt: Client owns a successful Freightliner Business, however was issued a wind up notice by the ATO for an unpaid tax debt, which the client was unaware of.


    Our partners lent $250,000.00 secured by cross collateralising the client’s unencumbered trucks and trailers and the “good will” of the business. The client was able to pay the ATO debt and continue trading without the closure of the company and liquidation of the company’s assets.

    Exit: Lease back through traditional leasing company.


    $12 million settlement within 24 hours!!! A client had purchased a development site in Sydney’s Inner West for $22 million, however their pre-arranged finance facility fell over 24 hours prior to settlement.


    They risked losing their $2.4 million deposit and associated DA costs, so they turned toOur Partner for help. We loaned the $12 million secured via a first mortgage over the development site and a second mortgage over collateral security...all within 24 hours.


    Exit: Construction finance.

    Equipment Finance

    $152,000 loan for truck purchase
    Our client urgently needed $152,000 to settle on a truck they had purchased for the company. Despite recently signing a profitable new contract, the client’s financials were considered too soft for a traditional leasing loan, plus there was no property that could be used as security.


    Conducting the necessary due diligence, our partner lent the client the full purchase amount against the new truck and the client’s other unencumbered vehicles. The whole process from start to finish took just three days.


    Exit: Income from newly signed contract, enabling refinance through traditional leasing company.

  • Contact Us

    Submit an enquiry and we will be in contact with you with in 24hrs.

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